100 things I want to accomplish by the end of 2015.

  1. Meet someone from Tumblr
  2. Be part of a gay parade
  3. Participate in a rally
  4. Have a boy friend
  5. Make ice cream from starch
  6. Get a feel of what it means to be in love
  7. Go with Denise somewhere at least one more time
  8. Watch a Board way musical
  9. Visit the West Coast
  10. Enter some type of contest
  11. Come to terms with my father
  12. Get into UC Berkely
  13. Win something
  14. Travel to Washington D.C
  15. Go to a crazy house party
  16. Get drunk
  17. Get onto a newspaper for doing something
  18. Host a dinner party
  19. have a bond fire
  20. Become a vegetarian
  21. Drink only water for a week
  22. Go on a date with someone
  23. Kiss someone I’ve only known for a couple of hours
  24. Do something for a good cause
  25. Travel somewhere outside of the U.S
  26. Attend a concert 
  27. Spend Spring break at the beach
  28. Read at least 20  books in one year
  29. Live in the moment
  30. Skip school
  31. Lose my virginity
  32. Go on a road trip
  33. Host a surprise birthday party for someone
  34. Make a snowman
  35. Spend more than $300 on one piece of clothes 
  36. Go to a wedding
  37. Cut my hair
  38. Get a tattoo
  39. Go skinny dipping
  40. Eat something that would be considered disgusting by most people 
  41. Make a scrapbook
  42. Take a dance class
  43. Go camping
  44. Go to a costume party 
  45. Pay for someone’s coffee behind me
  46. Kiss someone at a new year’s party
  47. Go to an art gallery
  48. Go to a nude beach
  49. Have a party inside an elevator
  50. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  51. Go to a film festival
  52. Do something nice for an unsuspecting stranger
  53. Go skiing
  54.  Win  a mock trial competition
  55. Be a good influence
  56. Donate blood
  57. Go shopping with someone model something for them
  58. Take a cooking class
  59. Tell someone I love them, dearly
  60. Go to Disneyworld with a group of close friends
  61. Get a smart phone
  62. Make someone proud
  63. Get a gym membership
  64. Graduate at least in 10% of my class
  65. Hand write a letter to someone
  66. Go sky diving
  67. Run a marathon 
  68. Go canoeing
  69. Learn sign language
  70. Go on a cruise
  71. ride a hot air balloon
  72. Go to a museum
  73. learn to juggle
  74. Go to the theaters at least twenty times one year
  75. Learn to say no
  76. Do Yoga
  77. Get matching bracelets with someone
  78. Shop at Rodeo Drive
  79. Go to a spa
  80. Milk a cow
  81. Teach someone something
  82. Be selfless 
  83. tell someone their handsome in person
  84. See a ballot
  85. Swim with sharks
  86. Go bungee jumping
  87. Scream so much that I lose my voice
  88. Learn to drive
  89. Sleep a whole day
  90. Eat sushi
  91. Treat someone to dinner
  92. Save at least $1500
  93. Watch some type of sport game at a stadium
  94. Attempt to surf
  95. Go to an inauguration
  96. Help someone with a campaign 
  97. Make something using my hands
  98. Spend a whole day playing a video game
  99. Walk with someone special in the seashore at night
  100. Camp out on an island
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  • 02 December 2010
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